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Dating each other during separation

It really depends on the particular circumstances of the breakup.

If you simply needed time apart and were trying to work things out, then a court will probably find that your relationship was continuous.

Shelter – did the unmarried parties share accommodation; 2.

Sexual and Personal Behaviour – did the unmarried parties maintain an intimate interdependent relationship and were they so perceived by others; 3.

Societal – how were the common law partners treated by their community; 6.

Economic Support – were the unmarried parties economically interdependent; and 7. For instance in the Canadian case of Thauvette v Malvon, the common law parties had a 3-year relationship.

An "agreement" means that both parties sign voluntarily.

For example, the father could claim the exemption in even-numbered years and the mother could do so in odd-numbered years.

Services – did the common law couple share the traditional functions of a family; 4.

Social – did the unmarried couple portray themselves as a couple to the outside world; 5.

· A separation agreement is not A separation agreement can specify who claims the children as exemptions for income tax purposes.

Without a written agreement, the parent who has physical custody of a child for more than one-half the year will get the dependency exemption.

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If there was an intention by either party to end the relationship permanently at the time of the breakup, then a court will probably find that your relationship was NOT continuous. Click here to find out the main differences upon separation between marriage and common law relationships in Canada.