Dsmsched log not updating

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Dsmsched log not updating

On Windows, this can be accomplished by having unique Windows computer names; on Unix, having unique filespace names is impractical for system directories but might be possible for some other directories.Scheduled Backups Another problem arises if you attempt to use the TSM Scheduler to perform scheduled backups of multiple machines with a single TSM ID.Potential Problems Using a single TSM ID on more than one machine is not supported by the vendor; the software is designed to run in an environment where each machine on which the client runs is assigned a unique TSM ID (or 'node name', in Tivoli-speak).In practice this means that one must be very careful in attempting to use the same ID on more than one machine, and when problems are encountered we can expect no help from the vendor in trying to resolve them.Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) provides functionality that allows employees of Auburn University to backuptheir local computer or specific files on their local computer to an OIT network server.

ADSM, now renamed Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), provides flexible, powerful backup protection of desktop computer hard drives to an OIT network server.If a file exists in the filespace at the server, but not on the local machine, it will be assumed to have been deleted and will be marked inactive at the server.If you run an incremental backup on two different machines that both contain the same filespace name, you will very likely get unexpected and undesirable results. If you plan to run an incremental backup on more than one machine using the same TSM ID, then you must ensure that all filespace names involved are unique.All employees at Auburn University have an username established for them.An AU employee's TSM account is automatically activated when the username is assigned.

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TSM bases all of its decisions on what files to back up and what files to expire on its perceived status of what it calls a 'filespace'.

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