Sex line meet ups sex

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Sex line meet ups sex

So when the meeting was over and my boss and I left his office, he said “You guys have a good day, quack quack.” Now I don’t know if he was doing that to mock me and my take on the whole situation, or if that was perhaps a subtle way of him saying, “Yes, I know about the club, and not only am I aware of it, I also am a member” (but perhaps that’s me reading too much into it once again).

My manager and I were kind of dumbfounded when we left his supervisor’s office by the way he responded.

I do have proof that I reported it because my manager would back me if anything ever came of this news. I might be even more apoplectic over your boss’s boss’s reaction than I am over the existence of this club itself. ) this club to begin with, it might not be surprising that the dude at the top is unconcerned, but I do want you to know for norming purposes that this is Not At All Normal.

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We also love what we do and love our team (even the “quacks” lol).

I said originally that at my job we had a great work culture and that basically the team I led worked well together and got along.

It seems some of the commenters took exception to this because of what turned out to be going on behind the scenes. So I take exception to some of the comments that suggested this was untrue or that I was being naïve.

I am fine to let this pass and never speak of it again, and can live with it knowing that nothing will be done about it and I won’t be in trouble for not doing anything now that I have done my part in reporting it.

I know that may sound weird, but I’d rather stay here and work because it actually is a relief knowing that, even though the decision of the higher-ups was to not address it, that I won’t at least be held responsible if anything else ever comes with it.

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It doesn’t feel like it.) Here’s the update you’ve probably been waiting for.