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Updating the transfer rule

I give an example: I have a server which has 40ms of response time, because in the same country than I am.

The total load time of the home page is 2.3 seconds.

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Now, because of this restriction users must see their pages displayed very slowly when accessing to sites located far away from where they live.

To me this is a big regression to the HTTP protocol. I also have tried to change in the registry for internet explorer in the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware Microsoft Windows Current Version Internet Settings Max Connections Per Server key and putting there 4 instead of 2. I have about 3.3 seconds instaed of 5.8, which is about the half of the load time ! 10, but with a delay of 20ms between each new simultaneous access to lower the load peak that would be generated on the server side.

With HTTP 1.0 we had 4 simultaneous connections suggested, but now it goes down to 2 connections with HTTP 1.1. I remind that the server in question can be as fast as he could be, with the best bandwidth quality you could have, the result we still be the same: the page loads wil be about 2-3 times slower when connecting from abroad with 2 sim connections. The congestion should not suffer by passing from 2 to 4. I think that this change is really necessary for the sake of the internet's reliability and easiness to use.

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